Faster and Economical way to refresh and renew.

With hundreds of patterns to choose from, varying from elegant wood designs, sophisticated stone, or decorative metals, renovations and new commercial or residential interior design is made easy and at a fraction of the cost using architectural films such is 3M™ DI-NOC™, belbien and LG films.

We are able to resurface ceilings, walls, wall panel systems, doors, millwork, elevators, store fixtures, counters, kitchen cabinets and appliances, as well as, boat and automotive interiors. Our in house team have the experience of doing such work for locations such as The Fantasy Land Hotel, West Edmonton Mall, the Starlight Casino, the city of Calgary Hall offices and other commercial locations such as medical labs and commercial building lobbies.

With both interior and exterior films, the possibilities for this type of applications is endless. These films are very durable and can be installed on flat or curved surfaces. Different than conventional wall covering and laminates, Architectural films use a pressure sensitive film and manufacturers highly recommend proper install by certified installers.

Contact us for your next project, with Architectural films and we can help you cut costs when compared to traditional remodeling, transform your spaces with less downtime, waste and mess.

Also, feel free to navigate to our portfolio to check out some projects we have completed.